Recovery to Redemption

Tired of living with habitual sexual sin as a struggler or their spouse? Want to learn from experts who've walked in your shoes how to experience healing and freedom so you can start living a redemptive life?

This is what I've been missing in my recovery journey. I've found the counsel you get to be challenging and insightful. If you want to find freedom, MasterClass is a great place to start.


-Bud B.

Do You Have a Problem?

(If you're sick and tired of being sick and tired, then keep reading...)

Whether you're a sexual struggler or betrayed spouse, if you know you have a problem and you want to get well, then you're in the right place.

As a sexual struggler, you're facing a life-long problem with unwanted sexual behaviors. If it hasn't cost you dearly already, it will. That is if you don't deal with it once and for all. But what can you do that you haven't tried already?


And if you're the betrayed spouse of a struggler, to say your partner's secret life has devastated you is an understatement. Like it or not, whether you choose to stay or go, you've been betrayed and traumatized. And for those reasons alone, you need help, too. 

As a struggler or a spouse, you cannot solve your problems alone. You need expert help. 

Are You Still Struggling?

Does this sound like you?

"I want lasting freedom. But how? What am I doing wrong? I've tried so many things."

For most of us, recovery feels like a game of chance. Do I see a counselor? Or mentor?  Should I join a group? What about intensives? Online training? The choices seem endless.  


How can I know if I'm doing recovery right?


Whether you're new to recovery or an old-timer, the choices you make today can make or break your marriage, family, and future. 


So how do you choose? Is there anything you can you do or anyone you can consult who can show you the best way forward? 

  • Who do I turn to? Who should I listen to and what advice should I be following? What do the experts have to say?

  • What's the plan?  Who has a plan that'll work for me? A plan that gets results  without me having to quit my day job!?! 

  • What tools do I need? There are so many options out there. How do I know what I really need? Are there best practices for recovery?

Do You Feel  Betrayed?

Does this sound like you?

"Like a hurricane, his affair ripped apart my heart."

You're devastated! Your hearts been shattered into a million pieces. And the lies, all the lies. You wonder, "What's next for us? Is there even still an us? What's next for me? Should he stay or should he go?"


You've probably Googled everything you can think of to try and figure it all out. Only it's left you with more questions than answers.


So who do you talk to? Do you even have the time? Maybe you're taking care of the kids while still in a daze. Confused. Angry. Hurt. Sad.


You wonder, "When will this nightmare end? What should I do next?"

  • Can I ever trust him again? He won't tell me anything. Says he's getting help, but doesn't seem to me to be getting better. How can I know for sure? What can I do about it?

  • Am I crazy or...? Why do I suddenly feel out of control? What's wrong with me? Is what I'm feeling normal, or am I the problem like he keeps telling me? How do I get my life back?

  • What about me? I'm hurting and I'm scared. But who can I trust with this? Who can I turn to? And what should I ask for? I don't know enough about this yet to know what I really need.

Introducing MasterClass

A ground-breaking, lifelong recovery tool for strugglers & spouses

  • Daily Disciplines & Study Guides

    A new lesson every weekday featuring expert advice.

  • Twice Weekly Live Q & A's

    Michael answers your questions LIVE, twice a week.

  • New! Online Community, Offline Meet-up's

    Connect with like-hearted peers in MC Communities.

  • Monthly Training with Michael

    LIVE video-based training by Michael once a month.

  • First Fruit Prayer Group

    Join Michael each month in his live prayer group. 

  • Find Accountability Partners & Groups

    Join our groups and find your accountability partners.

Who Should Join MasterClass?





Daily Disciplines

MasterClass' #1 Success Formula

We make it easy for you to connect with God and work on your recovery every day with our made-for-you Daily Disciplines.

  • Step 1: Learn

    Every weekday, Michael and another subject matter expert serve up best practices advice in a short, 10-20 minute pre-recorded video interview. 4-page downloadable workbook lesson included with each Daily Discipline. 

  • Step 2: Think

    In each workbook lesson, Michael's selected excerpts from a transcript of their interview and asks three questions for you to think about and consider as part of the deeper learning process.

  • Step 3: Pray

    Finally, each workbook lesson concludes with a scripture verse specially chosen by Michael for you to prayerfully consider, and a few inspiring words to guide you in your quiet time with God

10@10 Live Q&A's

Join Michael each week for his Live Q&A's as he answers the top questions as submitted by you and your peers. Don't worry if you can't make it live. We record every session and post them in the MasterClass members area.

Connect with Others

Coming soon! Join our new online community to find an accountability partner, start or join a group, and find like-hearted, like-minded peers for mutual encouragement and support. 

Meet the Experts

Here are a few of the many recovery experts you'll be learning from in MasterClass. Together, they represent over 1,500 years of personal recovery experience and 1,000 years of ministry experience.

Steve Arterburn

New Life Ministries

Marnie Ferree

Bethesda Workshops

Michael Cusick

Restoring the Soul

Matt Dobschuetz

Porn Free Radio

Dr. Ted Roberts

Pure Desire Ministries

Jayson Graves

Healing for the Soul

Maurita Corcoran

Author, speaker

Joel Hesch

Proven Men Ministries

Dr. Barbara Steffens

Therapist, author, coach

Crystal Renaud Day

Living on Purpose

Neil Anderson

Freedom in Christ Ministries

Alex Lerza

Therapist, speaker, author

Ben Bennett

Josh McDowell Ministries

Vicki Tiede

Author, speaker, coach

Jake Kissack

Josh McDowell Ministries

Nate Danser

Pure Life Ministries

Dr. Sheri Keffer

Therapist, author, speaker

Nate Larkin

Samson Society

Tray & Melody Lovvorn

Undone Redone

Bernie Anderson

Pastor, author, speaker

Greg & Stacey Oliver

Awaken Recovery

Brett Hendrix

Changing Lanes Ministries

Bryan & Joann Pilcher

Unashamed by Grace

Jay & Lori Pyatt

Mentors, ministry leaders

Dr. Mark & Debbie Laaser

Faithful & True Ministries

Dr. Doug Weiss

Heart to Heart Ministries

Marsha Means

Circle of Joy

Troy & Melissa Haas


Jonathan Daugherty

Be Broken Ministries

William Struthers

Professor, Wheaton College

Nick Stumbo

Pure Desire Ministries

T.C. Ryan

Author, speaker


Join MasterClass in 2020!

Enrollment Re-Opens March 15

  • Daily Disciplines 

  • Prayer Group

  • Monthly Training

  • Weekly Q & A's

$30/month  OR  $297/year 

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Inside MasterClass

Curious to know what's inside MasterClass? Check out these content "samples" below.


Daily Discipline

Get instant access to one of our Daily Disciplines from MasterClass. Each day you'll get access to a short video training & downloadable workbook for deeper learning.


MasterClass 10@10

Michael goes live twice a week to answer any questions you have. Can't join him live? That's OK. All 10@10's are recorded and posted in MasterClass for later viewing.


Check out what some of those we serve have said about their experiences with BraveHearts.

Note: For safety and confidentiality reasons, we use stock images and first name/last initials whenever posting testimonials we've been given permission to use.

David S.

MasterClass Member

The value of the Q&A is extremely high, not to mention the other training...

“I am just starting MasterClass & I feel that the value of the Q&A to be extremely high, not to mention all the other training videos & content. In fact, if someone were to listen to just the Q&A sessions alone consistently over the course of the year, I believe they would receive an incalculable amount of recovery wisdom & no doubt, avert many mistakes & missteps along the way. Thank you for your heart, courageous leadership & faithfulness to the vision God has given you & your wife. I look forward to this journey together.”

Tom M.

MasterClass Member

Thank you for speaking boldly & with conviction about the [spouses] trauma...

“Thanks so much Michael! There were several big pieces for me and my wife today! (My wife got to listen for the first time with me today and she was amen-ing with enthusiasm several times!!). We both can be tempted to get frustrated with ourselves individually and with each other... it was very helpful to see we are moving in the right direction! Thank you for speaking boldly and with conviction about the trauma the offended spouse deals with... and the best response the offender can exhibit! It’s been a great first week! Thank you!”

Michael J.

MasterClass Member

It is why I am with you. I know I can't do this without community.

“Because there are no groups in my area and I am new to it, finding a person to talk to has been difficult, even at my church.


It is why I am with you.

I know I can’t do this without community.

I know I still need that.”

Joshua R.

MasterClass Member

Seriously thankful for your email coming into my inbox the day it did.

“Seriously thankful for your emails coming into my inbox on the day they did. My wife just left me on Monday and if it wasn’t for what I have been walking through over the last month I’m sure I would have turned to pornography as my comfort. Instead I have leaned Christ and the community I have around me. Thank you so much! ”

Sheila G.

MasterClass Member

You were even more on fire than usual. I took 4 pages of notes.

“All the things we're getting in MasterClass are amazing but I have to say last Tuesday you were even more on fire than usual. I took 4 pages of notes.”

Bud B.

MasterClass Member

This is what I've been missing in my recovery journey...

“This is what I've been missing in my recovery journey. I've found the counsel to be challenging and insightful. If you want to find freedom, MasterClass is a great place to start.​”

Ray Z.

MasterClass Member

Until we started MasterClass, I thought it was only his problem.

“My husband is a struggler, in private counseling for one year. Until we started MasterClass, I thought it was only his problem. I am now receiving help from an EMDR trauma counselor and I have found such relief, new hope, & new life!"

Miro M.

MasterClass Member

It helped me to see my addiction and myself more clearly.

“It helped me to see my addiction & myself more clearly; it provided me with enough hope that change for me is possible & showed me direction & way to go. It changed the way I see my recovery &  that I wasn't created to live in this addiction.​”

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to a few of the more common questions we've been asked. Let us know what other questions you have. 

What content do I get access to each month, and when?

When can I join? For how long and how often do you open your enrollment period?

Can my spouse & I share one membership?

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Can I share my MasterClass videos with my recovery group or small group?

What if I can't attend the live Q&A sessions?

Can I remain anonymous as a member of BraveHearts MasterClass?

I'm the one who struggles sexually. Is MasterClass right for me?

 Does MasterClass have anything for betrayed spouses?

Can I cancel at anytime?


Join MasterClass on March 15

Enrollment for 2020 opens soon! Join MasterClass and start your journey from recovery to redemption today. Or if you're an old hat at this, take your recovery to the next level by learning every day from the best and brightest minds in faith-based recovery from sexual addiction and spouse betrayal trauma. 

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