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  • Follow a proven plan that leads to lasting freedom.

  • Get started right with a free self-assessment.

    Not sure where you are today or where to start? Don't worry, that's not uncommon. I recommend you begin where I did, by taking a quick and easy self-assessment test so you'll know exactly where you stand, and what your next steps should be.

  • Find qualified specialists when you need them.

    If it's recommended that you see a qualified professional, like a  counselor, mentor, or coach, we won't just teach you how to find the right kind of help. But we'll guide you to trusted resources like our own BraveHearts Recovery Directory.

  • Lasting freedom comes one day at a time. But only if you're following expert advice from those who've walked the walk and are living in freedom themselves. Their #1 advice: do your Daily Disciplines! It's what gets you and keeps you free!

  • Use mentor-curated content that's binge worthy.

    True, there's thousands of articles, websites, books and other resources you can access mostly free on the Internet. But do you really have time for all of that? What you really need is an experienced mentor who'll serve up only the best content.

  • Get connected with others who understand you.


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      Help others find freedom as a trained Certified Professional Mentor™ (CPM).

      Have a redemption story as a former sexual struggler or their spouse, and feel led to help others? We have just the right program for you.


      Get training on how to become a Certified Professional Mentor™ (CPM) and learn how to earn part-time or full-time income while doing what you love - helping others.


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        What Others Are Saying

        Check out what some of our members have to say about their experiences with BraveHearts.

        Note: For safety and confidentiality reasons, we use stock images and first name/last initials whenever posting testimonials we've been given permission to use.

        David S.

        MasterClass Member

        The value of the Q&A is extremely high, not to mention the other training...

        “I am just starting MasterClass & I feel that the value of the Q&A to be extremely high, not to mention all the other training videos & content. In fact, if someone were to listen to just the Q&A sessions alone consistently over the course of the year, I believe they would receive an incalculable amount of recovery wisdom & no doubt, avert many mistakes & missteps along the way. Thank you for your heart, courageous leadership & faithfulness to the vision God has given you & your wife. I look forward to this journey together.”

        Tom M.

        MasterClass Member

        Thank you for speaking boldly & with conviction about the [spouses] trauma...

        “Thanks so much Michael! There were several big pieces for me and my wife today! (My wife got to listen for the first time with me today and she was amen-ing with enthusiasm several times!!). We both can be tempted to get frustrated with ourselves individually and with each other... it was very helpful to see we are moving in the right direction! Thank you for speaking boldly and with conviction about the trauma the offended spouse deals with... and the best response the offender can exhibit! It’s been a great first week! Thank you!”

        Michael J.

        MasterClass Member

        It is why I am with you. I know I can't do this without community.

        “Because there are no groups in my area and I am new to it, finding a person to talk to has been difficult, even at my church.


        It is why I am with you.

        I know I can’t do this without community. I know I still need that.”

        Joshua R.

        MasterClass Member

        Seriously thankful for your email coming into my inbox on the day it did.

        “Seriously thankful for your emails coming into my inbox on the day they did. My wife just left me on Monday and if it wasn’t for what I have been walking through over the last month I’m sure I would have turned to pornography as my comfort. Instead I have leaned Christ and the community I have around me.

        Thank you so much! 

        Sheila G.

        MasterClass Member

        You were even more on fire than usual. I took 4 pages of notes.

        “All the things we're getting in MasterClass are amazing, but I have to say last Tuesday you were even more on fire than usual. I took 4 pages of notes.”

        Bud B.

        MasterClass Member

        This is what I've been missing in my recovery journey...

        “This is what I've been missing in my recovery journey. I've found the counsel to be challenging and insightful. If you want to find freedom, MasterClass is a great place to start.​”

        Ray Z.

        MasterClass Member

        Until we started MasterClass, I thought it was only his problem.

        “My husband is a struggler, in private counseling for one year. Until we started MasterClass, I thought it was only his problem. I am now receiving help from an EMDR trauma counselor and I have found such relief, new hope, & new life!"

        Miro M.

        MasterClass Member

        It helped me to see my addiction and myself more clearly.

        “It helped me to see my addiction & myself more clearly; it provided me with enough hope that change for me is possible & showed me direction & way to go. It changed the way I see my recovery &  that I wasn't created to live in this addiction.​”

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