BraveHearts Certified Mentors

As the need for help and healing from habitual sexual sin continues to grow, BraveHearts has embraced the vision of raising up an army of men and women mentors who can lead these captives to freedom. The following are brief profiles of those men and women who have gone through our rigorous Mentor Training & Certification Program, and in doing so, have earned the designation of BraveHearts Certified Mentor.

They have also been selected to participate in our exclusive BraveHearts Partnership Program, where we work closely with those qualified mentors on an ongoing basis to help ensure that they and their mentoring ministries continue to grow while their mentoring clients receive the very best guidance and care that's available. We invite you to click on their profiles to learn more about them.

Jay Pyatt
Seldom have I seen such dedication and selfless service in a mentor. Jay is an experienced, truly capable leader.
Lori Pyatt
Lori is a strong and caring woman who wants the very best for her mentee clients.
Kevin Gammon
Kevin has proven he’s “all in” from day one. I’m in awe of his commitment to his mentoring ministry.
Rick Thomson
Rick has such a great attitude as a mentor. I can tell he really cares about the guys who turn to him for help.
Joann Pilcher
Joann is a true ally to all those wounded women and spouses out there. She approaches her vocation with determination and grace.
Bryan Pilcher
Bryan is zealous about helping men find freedom from sexual sin. He has the energy and optimism of a man set free himself.
Nelson Logan
Nelson is our first organically grown mentor. He's uniquely qualified as I mentored him myself for over 3 years.