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Empowering women after betrayal.

Virtual Summits - the Power of Knowledge Unleashed

We're democratizing access to the brightest minds & best advice in

faith-based recovery from sexual addiction and betrayal trauma.

  • Learn about key topics the church ignores.

    According to a recent survey of senior pastor, only 7% of  churches have a ministry program for sexual strugglers. And they didn't even ask about their spouses!  Let's face it - you're on your own. That's why we're here to help you.

  • Get advice from experts who've been there.

    One of he most unique and valuable benefits of this summit is that nearly every expert is a former struggler or betrayed spouse who's now living in freedom. That's really important, especially if you've ever suffered loss by following bad advice. 

  • Learn from any device, anytime. Alone or together.

    Enjoy the convenience of watching every session from ANY Internet connected device, whether it's your laptop, tablet, or web-enabled phone.  Go through the material on your own and at your own pace, or with your spouse or accountability partner.

  • Watch in private. No travel required.

    Due to this sensitive subject matter, privacy and confidentiality are of utmost importance. That's why we created "virtual" summits where you can experience the knowledge-sharing of an in-person conference from the privacy of your home.

  • Learn best practices for strugglers and spouses.

    Curious about what your spouse should be doing in their recovery? Our virtual summits give you an opportunity to learn not only what you should be doing, but also what best practices your spouse should be following as well.

  • Enjoy 24/7 lifetime access to all the talks.

    Buy an All Access Pass and turn our 10-day summits into your very own recovery reference library of expert advice. With an All Access Pass, you'll enjoy lifetime access to every talk and every expert's invaluable advice and counsel.

Virtual Summit Sample

Check out the promo video below for a sample of some of what you'd experience in our virtual summits. The following interview excerpts were from the Breaking Free Virtual Summit. Hope you enjoy!

Restored Summit

In this 10-day virtual summit, our experts share advice & solutions for strugglers & spouses.

  • 10 days. 82 speakers. 

    Learn from over 80 experts in sex addiction and betrayal trauma recovery. Watch inspiring personal stories of hope, and get great advice from experts. 

  • 1,000 years of addiction & trauma recovery experience. 

    Collectively, our experts represent over 1,000 years of personal recovery experience! You can trust they know exactly what you're going through.

  • 1,500 years of counseling & ministry experience.

    Our experts are also professional care providers in this area of ministry. Never before has there been so much experience gathered together in one place.

Braveful Summit

The Braveful Summit is our long awaited, highly anticipated virtual summit created especially for  women. Get notified when registration opens.

  • More women experts to learn from.

    Our 30+ female experts will be focused on our theme: empowering women after betrayal. Be inspired as you receive a ton of great advice.

  • More tools for healing i.e. workbooks.

    We're putting together one massive workbook to help you track your progress while diving  deeper into the advice and counsel you receive.

  • More ways to connect with others.

    Even before the summit starts, you're invited to join the Braveful Society. This online community will encourage & support you on your journey.

Expert Speakers

Here's just a small sample of the quality and caliber of subject matter experts we feature regularly in our virtual summits.

What Our Attendees Say

To date, we've reached over 16,000 people from around the world through our virtual summits. Here's what a few of them have had to say about how it's benefitted them.

There is absolutely no doubt in our mind that everyone should buy an All-Access Pass to any of your Summits when available. Now we have all of the material forever, review what we need, digest what we can and put it all to good use in my & our recovery.

Larry & Linda

Breaking Free & Restored Summit

I am so thankful for you both & very encouraged by you all. I'm still sober & have now reached 205 days which is unbelievable. Much of which I attribute to Breaking Free Summit.


Justin O.

Attendee, Breaking Free

Day one was great! Looking forward to this super lineup of 40 top Christian experts on breaking free from the sin we're dealing with. New Life Ministries & Stephen Arterburn & Nate Larkin of Samson Society are worth more than the price of an All-Access Pass.

George F.

Attendee, Breaking Free & Restored

These people *get it* & the interviews are extremely informative. There is an abundance of resources & support for anyone whose life is affected by sexual addiction & betrayal. You're not alone & you'll find the help you need at the Summit!

Barbara Jo L.

Attendee, Breaking Free

I began watching your Summit videos & found myself in tears many times...just realizing that so many of the stories could be my story.


Attendee, Restored

I'm a betrayed spouse and I thank God that I found your virtual summit in December. So many of those sessions kept me moving forward & staying strong.

Pam M.

Attendee, Restored


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